Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane

Crazy Stupid Love

-Film Poster

I watched this as part of my on-going mindless, movie fun and because it has Julianne Moore, who I can’t get enough of. Steve Carell is the worst thing here, but thankfully he’s like the focus of an orbit: nothing has to actually exist in the space for it to organize what’s around it. Everyone else was funny and sharp, especially Marisa Tomei playing a teacher. (I never got the praise for Tomei years ago. She just seemed overrated. But she’s aged, settled into her body, and become very very good. I want to see more of her.) I even liked the actor who starred in that horrible horrible horrible movie, The Help. I also really liked how much this movie was a closed world with tightly interlocking pieces. I always think of movies as trying to suggest life beyond their limits, à la Henry James in the preface to The Portrait of a Lady. But this movie is aiming for just the opposite. There are no loose pieces here. This world is complete and completely interconnected. I think this might be an important aspect of a comic sensibility: you can’t escape the farce.

Posted November 6, 2011