Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane

Ides of March

-Film Poster

Ides of March by George Clooney

A well-made movie that is smart enough to know a little goes a long way. The opening scenes introduce characters I have no reason to be interested in, yet the conflicts and stakes are clearly presented and well-acted and so I can accept and buy into them. After the first twenty minutes, I care very much about these people and am caught up in their struggles. In the couple days since I saw the film, I keep finding myself playing over scenes in my head and imagining around the edges of the established characters. I love Marisa Tomei in this movie and kept hoping to see more of her as the movie went along. Clooney too (although he’s weak once he gets off the podium). Gossling, well, I’ve never been a huge fan but the two movies in this post are starting a turn around. Hoffman is great without being annoying. Loved this movie.

Posted November 6, 2011