May 272012

Taking Big Medicine to the Outlands

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Dwarven Throne Room

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A Blast from the Past

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May 272012

Mildred Pierce, Galaxy Quest, Toucher le ciel

I can never be accused of lacking variety.

And yes, I watched these in this order but over the course of several days. It made sense at the time, but looking at them now, my head hurts. No wonder I’m crazy.


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May 272012

Cultural LiteracyHousekeeping. Read this because I hadn’t. Interesting.

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May 272012

Swimming_in_the_Monsoon_Sea_selvaduraiA book we read in one of my classes. A well-done young adult novel that went over well but sent the message, “This class is a blow-off.” Basic teaching double-bind: make it challenging and students won’t do anything; make it easy and they won’t do anything. The choice is really between complaints or contempt.

This novel is good enough to stand up to a tougher analysis than I required. So it’s worth another shot perhaps.