Jun 142012

So I’ve seen a series of movies recently, all of which deserve more attention than I’m going to give them here. But I have three book logs waiting in the wings that refuse to write themselves. So what am I supposed to do?

So a few quick notes:

  • Winter’s Bone was really a great movie. The landscape was beautiful, the characters and scenes appropriately gothic, and the photography gorgeous.
  • The Avenger’s was debated among my friends. I’m the outlier: I like it. They object that the invasion is so perfunctory. I think the invasion is all denoument. The plot goal here is to make a team. The invasion is there only to show that team off. The aliens are placeholders. One of the best Superhero movies I’ve seen in a long while. And very well written.
  • Prometheus seems squeezed in here and deserves no better. It is fear transformed into myth, a transformation that kills it. Space is both opened (become vistas) and reduced (to the suit). This is a rule movie that breaks the rules: “We can’t breath this air!” but they all take their helmets off all the time because, well, they can. Geek exercise that creates spaces for geekdom and lore.
  • Contraband. I still like Whalberg, and this is him doing his thing. Ordinary ok movie. Not boring, not interesting. Claire’s creepy boyfriend from Six Feet Under has become a handsome, only-somewhat-creepy man.
  •  June 14, 2012
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