Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane


-Book Cover

I read this book and felt like most of it could have been an autobiography. In other words, nothing here was news. Yet, I’m glad I read it. It gave me the simple reassurance of hearing things you know coming from someone else. And some vocabulary too.

The author has a blog here. I haven’t checked it out really, and it seems to operate in a self-help, motivational speaker mode (a bit like the book actually), but maybe there’s something good there.

I’ve also embedded the author’s TED talk below. Generally, I find these talks pretty insufferable, and this one is true to the form, but again, I identify so strongly with what Cain is saying that I find it great. The talk is more-or-less a summary of the book. So if you are looking for the main ideas without the details or exemplary stories, then give it a listen.

Video of TED Talk. Some introvert words here.

Posted December 31, 2012