Sep 272013

From The New York Times, a startling and frank description by a Republican of what he sees as the tactics his caucus have embraced:

The only time you shut down the government is when you shut it down and refuse to open it until you accomplish what you want. We’ll fold like hotcakes,” said Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma. “You do not take a hostage you are not going to for sure shoot, and we will not for sure shoot this hostage.

So the tactic is a terror tactic, hostage-taking, and this Republican criticizes it because he’s not convinced his colleagues are as committed as they need to be for it to work. How far do they need to commit? They need to be willing to shoot the economy in the head. If they are going to blink rather than shoot, they shouldn’t have taken the economy hostage in the first place. And Republicans he fears just might be chicken.

This comment is too long and too developed to be misunderstood, and it is livid proof that Republicans are unfit to govern.

 September 27, 2013  Scratch File

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