Dec 262013
What Hacking Looks Like

A naked gnome is a sad gnome. Especially when hacked.

Selling gold is a scheme and this is how works, best I can figure:

  1. Someone buys gold rather than earning it.
  2. The seller signs onto a hacked account, vendors all items on all toons, mailing the resulting gold to the hacked toon chosen to be the “wallet.”
  3. The wallet toon is then transferred to the server where the person who bought gold plays. This transfer is paid for using a stolen credit card.
  4. When the transfer completes, the wallet toon hands the gold over to a courier, a level one toon created expressly to complete the transaction. (My question: is the courier created on the hacked account? I bet so.)
  5. The courier carries the money to the toon identified by the person who bought the gold and hands it over.

The gold seller makes money by giving the buyer stolen good and finances the whole process with the contents of a stolen account and with a stolen credit card. It’s theft upon theft.

  •  December 26, 2013
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