Aug 272014

The first two weeks of the semester are nearly done, and yet again, I’m caught surprised by the raw change of intensity the new year brings.

Summer days working on personal projects and seeing only close friends may be busy and exciting, but they differ by orders of magnitude from days spent at school. There you walk from one room full of dozens of excitable restless people to another room full of the same, and the crowds in the hallway actually rumble and shake.

Going back to school is nothing less than a move from one to another way of life. And the two are so completely distinct and so completely different it’s hard to imagine or prepare for the one while living in the other. Even when the transition goes smoothly, I feel like I’m fumbling along like a dopey-eyed klutz.

Is there any other job like this?

ps—blog posts I’ve left hanging will resume soon.

  •  August 27, 2014
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