Nov 062014

Prototypes are easy to make and manage. So much so that in my early projects I tried to use them for everything. That didn’t work out so well. These days I have fewer prototypes, but those that remain are one of my main tools for organizing material in my projects.

Making a prototype is as basic as basic can be. You simply:

  1. Create a note (or select one 1).
  2. Open the Inspector with the menu or by pressing cmd-1.
  3. Go to the “Properties Inspector” tab.
  4. With the note selected, check “prototype.”

In the video below, I show the process. Near the end, I also point out that the order in which prototypes are displayed in the contextual menu is controlled by the placement of prototypes in your project outline. In other words, you can very easily arrange the contextual menu to suit your needs.



Next post: using prototypes to format shallow outlines.

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