Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane

Faulkner Hypertext

Last year was a busy one at school and I had to set the Faulkner hypertext I was working on aside in the Fall. Now with most of the moving boxes unpacked at our new home and summer well under way, I’ve had time to go back to that project.

I’m happy with what I’ve found and have started working again. I’m making good progress, my goals are more reasonable than they were and I have a schedule. I also think I’ve wrapped my head around basic export enough to be confident that I can get something simple but functional out of my project file. (Seeing how effective the very simply formatted Depression Quest was, helped me get over some export fears.)

So I’ve decided that the week of August 10th, whatever I have is going online. If I can stick to my writing schedule and things keep going well, it will be a legitimate first (and maybe last) version of everything. If I can’t, then whatever I do have will benefit from having others look and give feedback. Either way, that week, something’s going up.

Posted July 23, 2015