Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane

Sense and Sensibility

I’ve never liked Jane Austin’s novels. Every sentence always seemed to be written perfectly straight up and down without passion, cold and severe. I dreaded courses where they were assigned, and I’ve started more of them than I’ve finished.

But a retired teacher had great success with Austin in a program specific course I now teach, and I decided last Fall to assign Sense and Sensibility. I regretted it as soon as I did, but it was too late to change and I was stuck.

Here’s the thing: I loved it. More than loved it, I adored it with giddy enthusiasm. Now I’m reading others, and am wondering how I missed the sarcasm, humour and consistent cleverness when I was reading in university.

And those sentences? They set my head straight.

Rereading is great.

Posted August 9, 2015