Faulkner at MGM: 1932-33


I made this online text to experiment with writing hypertext arguments. In other words, I made it to learn about a new form of writing and not to make an authoritative statement about Faulkner’s screenwriting.

I stress this point because hypertext has proven to be hard and I’ve figured it out by doing it. In the process, I have edited my dissertation text freely, but without, in retrospect, feeling confident that those revisions can withstand scholarly scrutiny.

In other words: my dissertation is the real text and, although I have tried to make this online text reliable, errors in attribution or alterations in meaning may have crept into the text as I’ve made changes. I hope not, but if you have questions about what I say somewhere on this site, please check the dissertation to see what my careful statement of the issue is.

You can find a bibliography here.