Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane


Welcome to my new site. It replaces my old blog and has a much more limited range of content. For now, it will offer explanations of how I’m using some software I like alongside short journal-like observational writing about the corner of rural Quebec where I live.

For now, I see this new OHL as:

The site is low-fi by design.

In making this site, I’ll be working to embrace the “good enough,” the artisanal. Confronted with imperfect but functioning parts, I want “functioning” to be what stands out for me. This is not my natural tendency, and the site will be a kind of practice.

Things will change and evolve, and site structure and layout will not be stable for awhile. My goal is to arrive eventually at a point where I at least have a working RSS feed and “permalinks” that are permanent.

I’m not there yet.

A Note on My Previous Blog’s Content

To make this experiment possible, I needed to clear my head and start fresh without the burden of (only barely) maintaining a ten-year old Wordpress installation. So I’ve taken down my old blog.

I will however be moving most of my Tinderbox posts over to this new site. If you arrived here by using a dead link, scan this listing of my TBX posts. You should be able to find what you are looking for. If you don’t find it, check back soon because things are still new here.

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