Quiet Adventures, Captured in Photographs


The Beav and I travel a lot and when we do, I take a ton of photos. The problem is that, except for the few I print off and hang on my walls, they sit on my hard drive unseen and useless. To make them more accessible to me, to family, and to friends, I’ve decided to post some of them here in two sets of albums.

Public albums have only tourist photos of places and things. They’re open to anybody who is interested in taking a look. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Private albums include additional photos of family and friends. For this reason, the private albums sit behind a password and are accessible only to those I invite to view them. (Email me if you think I missed sending you your invite. It could happen.)

If you have access to the private albums, remember: they include everything in the public albums.


Public Albums





  • India


  • Road Trip


  • Mexico



The photos and texts in these albums—and especially in the private galleries—are copyrighted.