Mar 182017

The Beav: “C’est n’importe quoi…”

Me: “Yep”

I’m not at all sure what the appeal of this story is supposed to be. What pleasure does it think it offers? To my eye, it’s just carefully shot wretchedness from start to finish.

And speaking of shots, that last one? Leonardo is no Jean Seberg.

(Yes, I’ve clearly found this movie extremely annoying.)

Oct 282015

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of IgnoranceI liked this when I saw it because of the moments of magical realism. They walked a tight rope between fantasy and realism without tipping either way and without lasting too long.

The rolling backstage drama of the final days of rehearsals which serves as the backdrop for a sympathetic portrait of an actor struggling for identity as late middle-age creeps away conjured up memories of John Cassevetes’s Opening Night in a way that made me patient of the film’s indulgences.

Thinking back to it now though, I don’t remember much that would make me watch it again.