Nov 072014

Les Liaisons Dangereuses coverI read this years ago, but a couple months back, saw it on my shelf and decided to flip through it. A couple hours and a hundred pages later, I was caught up again in the scandal of it all. These characters play for keeps and are terribly seductive. It makes for a great, entertaining book.

Oddly enough (given how different the books are), I’ve come away from Laclos’s novel thinking of Matthew Lewis’s The Monk. Weird.

Nov 072014

The merit of a work derives from its usefulness or from the pleasure it gives, or even from both when it has both to offer. But success, which is not always a proof of merit, depends more often on the choice of a subject than on its execution, on a certain combination of subjects rather than on the way in which they have been treated.

–Choderlos de Laclos, Les Liaisons Dangereuses

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