Sep 102016

A man is a man, and the modicum of reason he might have counts for little or nothing when passion rages and the limits of human being press against him!

–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, The Sufferings of Young Werther

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Sep 062016

Now there is nothing that irritates me more than when people torment one another, especially when young people in the prime of life, who could be most open to life’s joys, ruin the few good days for each other with antics and realize only too late that they have squandered something irreplaceable.

–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, The Sufferings of Young Werther

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Jun 212015

The Suffering of Young WertherA short novel that with allowances for changes in dress and economics feels like it could have been written yesterday. I read it for the first time last summer and taught it to a small group of students in a very general 17th-19th century literature course in the Fall.

Two hundred and forty years old, and my students loved it. Pretty impressive.

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