Nov 212011

Things must be good because I still find awesome odd discoveries like this on the interwebs.

Fat Free Milk……: I may not be cut out for this life…:

“I think that I may have latent talents that would emerge in a Zombie Infestation, an alien Invasion or in a post-apocalyptic future. I also think that my real-life skill-set would not be helpful at all because…

Zombies eat failed writers. Aliens wouldn’t want to meld with my brain. And in a post apocalyptic future, going through old forgotten drafts on The Good Old Fat Free Milk Blog created in the year 2002 doesn’t help hunger.

Even to the lactose-intolerant.”

The comments on the October 18, 2011 post are worth a looksie just to see the phrase “spammy French Yoda” get used in a way that makes complete and total sense.

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