Jan 132012

Over the holidays I skimmed some movies I’d already seen. Nothing much to say here. Most were disappointments. They include:

[Lost in apocalypse.]

Secret of NiMHThe one exception was The Secret of NIMH. Hand painted animation is beautiful. And the story really is quite good. This is a children’s story, yes, but there is variety of character and emotional response here that is really amazing to see. Our sense of what people can be in movies, especially movies for children, has changed. Thing is, those kids grow up, and then, what kinds of characters will we see in movies for adults?

This last one I’d never seen. It’s a VOD mockumentary on Netflix that is pretty bad–actually, no, it’s awful–but its final scenes take place in Montreal. There was plenty of street photography, and there is no denying that Montreal, on screen, just looks great. Especially in winter.

[Lost in apocalypse.]

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