Jan 232012


Moon by Duncan Jones

I’d wanted to watch this for a while because good sci-fi is so hard to find, and this movie had received such good reviews. I could never find it where I could rent it rather than buy it though. Finally, it showed up in Netflix over Christmas.

I’m glad I saw it, and the story is not what I expected at all, which is surprising because I had a pretty clear idea of what I thought I was watching. Jones builds a small, original story, shoots it well, and cuts it together cleanly. He expects you to watch closely, follow what is going on and to put two and two together on your own. It’s great storytelling. I also liked the skillfully used, very low-fi special effects.

I didn’t love this movie—in the end, the story, however well told, is too small—but I’m eager to see what this guy will do next. There’s either a lot of potential here, or he’s thrown the one game-winning hail-Mary he had in him first time on the field.

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