Mar 132012

England- An Illustrated HistoryI realized that I have no sense of English history. I mean I know a lot about this and that, but I don’t have any over-arching timeline that ties the things I know together or gives a means of setting English history against American or Continental history. I read this book to try to fix that problem.

It’s simple, fast read, but useful and unpretentious too.

And I enjoyed it. Always a plus.

Dates I noted:

Roman Conquest (43 BCE-450 CE)

  • Caesar (55 BCE)

Norman Conquest (1066) Tudors (1485-1603)

  • HenryVIII 1509-1547
  • Eliz I 1558-1603


  • James Charles Cromwell Charles James
  • Long parliament was held when Charles I finally had to call P. they stayed in session and eventually launched civil war.
  • Civil war was followed by Cromwell’s commonwealth 1642-1660
  • Glorious Revolution: when parliament prevented James II from restsblishing Catholicism by bringing William and Mary to replace him. 1688.

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