Ghost Rider

Sometimes the hardest thing about keeping this movie log is just naming what it is I actually saw because what I saw was so bad I want to pretend I didn’t see it, especially when I know that no reasonable person who considered the subject matter or saw the trailer would have ever thought (not even for a minute) that the thing could be anything but horribly horrible. And so it’s embarrassing to say aloud something like, for example, “I watched Ghost Rider.” But alas, tracking what I watched is what I signed up to do, and yes, what I watched was…(shudder)…Ghost Rider, and so I’m logging it here.

I am so embarrassed.

That said, there is some interesting stuff here. The boy next door who sells pot to Kevin Spacey in American Beauty? He’s the bad guy. And he clearly can’t believe how far he has fallen. (The damned playing the damned!) And remember when Nick Cage was actually a really good actor? Well here, he actually makes some effort. I have no idea what his buy in was or why this is the film he decided to check into, but he is actually kinda fun to watch. I want to see him playing more oddball, non-action, non-romantic roles.

But lets not get carried away and paper over plain facts: the film was so embarrassingly bad it hurts to think about it. Be warned.