Feb 182013

I put off watching this season of True Blood because I didn’t have anyone to loan it to me and didn’t want to drop the 50$ it was going to cost me to buy it. Plus, I’d heard that it wasn’t very good, and after the lame second season, I wasn’t willing to risk it.

Then on a whim one night at the end of the holiday break, I broke down and bought it. Maybe it was cold and I needed some steamy bayou landscapes to warm the animal spirits?

Whatever the reason, I’m so glad I did. Despite what I’d been told, this was the best season by far. Extraneous stuff thrown to the side. Bill off-screen; Eric front and centre; Pam (sweet magnificent Pam) by his side. Everything else exaggerated a notch (but just a notch). All of it baldly camp, but just barely, like a judiciously used spice and without the gloatingly self-conscious self-consciousness that would spoil the effect. And gay gay gay.

Too much damn fun.

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