May 212013

I had hopes for this show. They have not panned out.

Why is the “hero” killing people? If I grant for the sake of argument that a “hero” might legitimately hunt down and kill the bad guys (which is nonsense), wouldn’t it make sense that there is more justification for the killing than “their names are in a book (origins unknown) and therefore they must die”? I dislike The Punisher but at least he has reasons for what he does. It’s repugnant that a well established anti-capitalist, Robin Hood-figure would be remade in his likeness. Only dumber and less morally conscious.

When the plot compounded the confusion by setting-up a Spider-man v. Green Goblin/Hobgoblin triangle as it’s central drama, I called it quits.

Yet the episodes keep coming. Why doesn’t a season of Justified last this long?

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