Oct 132013

The face of the web is changing. All kinds of blogs are updating their themes with some variation of wordpress’s new default. The point seems to be to make everything play nice with your phone but these “responsive” designs mostly just make full sites feel like mobile sites writ large. Everything looks pretty–big pictures, plenty of white space and the font is a wide round san serif that looks good the first time you see it–but everything also looks padded and puffed up. Rich sites are suddenly empty. Info is strung out across chains of links with little spatial density or complexity. It’s like reading through a straw.

I’m sure this kind of wide-spread coordinated change has happened before, but I’ve never noticed it so clearly or disliked it so much. I’m ready for the web designers to cash in already and move on so useful complexity can come back into style.


I’ve been thinking about this issue some more.

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