Oct 152013

In the next few days, the first entries in my wine log are going to appear. Like my other logs, these posts are ways for me to take note of and remember things that interest me.

The wine log is different from the others though. With books, films, TV, even theatre, I have training and can speak, when I want to, with a fair amount of precision and sophistication. I also have enough experience with the materials to make judgments with a fair amount of confidence. What I say may seem silly or offhand, you might disagree, but I know my reactions are informed. However, odd or off-kilter, they are the raw materials of my developing thoughts about literature and film. The logs are a way to notice and keep track of them

With wine, I know nothing and even lack a vocabulary for speaking. But I have tried to pay attention over the years and have begun to develop some raw, unexamined experience. The log is the place where I’m going to try to begin capturing this experience in broad strokes and discover how to talk about what I’m figuring out.

(A few years ago, I’d considered doing this in a notebook. My plan was to avoid all the typical metaphors used to discuss wines (flowers, foods, etc.) and to talk about each bottle as if it were a man. I still like this idea.)

The main goal initially is just be to keep keep track of bottles I could buy again so that I’m less often caught making random purchases or trusting random clerks’ suggestions blindly.

It will be what it will be.



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