Jul 312014

Game of Thrones S-1I watched the first season of Game of Thrones because it’s everywhere and I figured I’d give it a go. Also, the imp. And it’s fine and I didn’t dislike it and there were even things that I thought were great in a campy sort of way. But now I’ve got a problem: I’m curious what happens next but am pretty sure that I don’t actually care enough to watch the other seasons to find out.

So my first thought: maybe the books are better and I should read them. But first thoughts are often junk thoughts, and this one is probably no exception. Am I really going to read thousands of pages of this stuff? Especially since I’m pretty sure the camp bits are all HBO’s and I imagine I’d have to get through the first volume before I hit new material? No, I’m not.

My second thought: read the Wikipedia page to see if it’s worth it. But no again. I’m not willing to slog through a dreadful wiki-summary to find out how things turn out (and wiki-summaries are always dreadful). I’m either curious enough to watch the next seasons or read the books or I’m not.

So my final though, a guess really, is that in autumn or late winter, on some dark evening when I’m tired and looking to veg, I’ll go back to it. We’ll see.



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