Sep 052014

So. A chain of links and at the end, Scott Rosenberg explaining that blogging is becoming a thing again. He’s excited enough to write about it and hesitent enough to be snarky. But I think I’m rooting for the same team he is.

Rosenberg concludes (in a follow up post) that:

as waves of smart people hit the limits of their frustration with Twitter and Facebook, many will look around and realize, hey, this blogging thing still makes a great deal of sense

What will be the appeal? What will attract the people currently living their online lives exclusively in Twitter or Facebook? In a blog, they can do whatever they want in whatever way they want. That’s not really true elsewhere.

Does that mean that there will be a “blogging revival?” Rosenberg doesn’t seem to think so. Blogging is not going to suddenly become the best new (read: coolest) thing on the web.

But that’s not a bad thing. After all, who cares if blogging is “cool”? What matters is that the people you want to read are writing blogs. In my circle, that’s starting to happen. Here’s hoping that circle keeps growing.

UPDATE: Same thing (with links to more) here.

My Problem

The one Google service I used and depended on was Google Reader, and I haven’t really decided how to replace it even months and months (and months) after it’s gone. By discontinuing it, Google made following the blogs I like harder than it should be.

If I want ads in my email though, they got that covered.

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