Oct 132014

Computing isn’t digestion. You got to know things to make it work.

I know nothing about server stuff. (I say “stuff” because I lack the words to pretend knowledge.) I rent space for my blog from a web host because I have no idea what’s going on behind the web interfaces and ftp client I work with.

Do I nurse fantasies of discovering that server “stuff” is easier than I imagined, of buying a mac mini server and paying the fee for a stable ISP and then doing this part of my site for myself? Yes. Am I even close to being dumb enough to think that’s a near-possibility? No. For now and for the foreseeable future, I am completely dependent upon my web host.

And now I’m switching hosts after three years. How has that gone?

Well, nothing’s gone wrong and people at the new host have been really nice (which is a huge improvement). But what I thought would be a near immediate turnaround for the set-up for the new hosting space turned out to require a quasi-long-ish Thursday that was interrupted by some paperwork problems that restarted the process, and well, eventually, the high wall separating Friday five o’clock from a long weekend brought everything to a halt. So the move hasn’t yet begun.

New ETA is sometime early next week. Fingers remained crossed.

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