Oct 252014

So after weeks, the move to my new web host is complete, and I’m glad I did it. Because my new host is much friendlier, yes, but also because I had to do the work to move files and databases from the old server to the new. I was worried about being able to do this at first, but people have made tools like phpadmin so easy to use that, with a bit of reading, even I could figure them out. (We live in a pretty great world people…)

(Back) Logs

The past few months I’ve fallen far, far behind on my logs. I have eight novels sitting on my desk with notes jotted down. That’s not counting the lists of movies and all the rest that I want to get posted. These are going to be dumped pretty quickly in the coming weeks. I actually use my logs and need to have these done. So fair warning.


In the past few months a lot of people have started keeping tabs on things here because of interest in my Tinderbox posts. Although this isn’t a how-to blog and I’m no power-user, when I have thoughts or ideas, I will continue to post them. I have several possibilities percolating right now. They should pop up slowly in the coming weeks.


This blog has worn the excellent Suffusion theme from the start. It’s clean, well-made and incredibly flexible. I’ve never used much of that flexibility as things have stayed more or less the same from day one. But now I’m considering some changes to the layout that will put material I use and currently find hard to access, front and centre. We’ll see how that goes. Also, mascots.

And that’s that. It feels great to have everything stable and working again. I’m really looking forward to writing posts rather than just moving them around.

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