Nov 092014

Years and years ago, I read all of Steven Brust‘s Vlad novels (or at least those that were available at that point), and I loved them. That in itself isn’t, unfortunately, the ringing endorsement I wish it was. I was a voracious reader and tended to have tastes of the same sort as Browning’s Last Duchess (who “liked whate’er/She looked on”).

Still Brust’s books were stand-outs. They were told by a protagonist/narrator with an amazingly distinctive voice that lodged in my mind’s ear and stuck with me. Years later, I could still “hear” it if I sat back and let myself remember.

Not long after starting this blog, I reread the first book in the series, Jhereg. Happily, it was as good then as I remembered it being in high school. In fact, it was better because, with more experienced eyes, I could see how cleverly written it was. So this summer, I decided to read the whole series in its order of publication, revisiting the books I knew and discovering the ones that had come along since I’d stopped keeping track.

It’s been fun, but my initial plan of reading right through the books one after the other has changed. The series is just too good rush through. (…really. It is that good.) So now I’m pacing myself and reading slowly to draw things out.

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