Walking Dead, Season Three

Almost impossible to watch because I hate all of the characters except Glenn and Michonne. I end up rooting for the zombies, but they always lose.

It took more than a year to watch this season and I only finished because I heard that Merle was going to die. I don’t understand this show’s following.


So, every piece of paper in the world has been signed (in triplicate), and the Beav and I are now homeowners. There’s some work to do (!) but the new place sits on the river and we’re super excited…

The Awakening

The AwakeningA book that feels alive and current and that is so much better than I remembered it. Just as important: it was a hit with my students.

I’m not sure the significance of the protagonist’s rejection of others’ expectations and her embrace of her own choices really registered when I read the book the first time. I was too young and still thought I’d live as principled and free as she does. I think most young people assume the same.

It’s taken time and experience to realize how few of us make and stand by choices in the way she does.

Fair Copy Blogging

When you’re stuck, how do you tidily copy out a draft of a blog?

For me right now, it means transferring my blog posts into a Tinderbox file, something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. It might seem like busy work, but it’s been pretty rewarding so far. I have too many posts for me to have any sense of what I’ve done. So seeing the pieces of what I’ve written build in up in a project file has been a bit of a morale boost.

And I expect that file will be a great place to start writing new posts.