Apr 082016

I went on a movie spree a month or so ago, watching or rewatching pretty much anything that struck my fancy without thinking too much about it. It was fun and pretty refreshing, but in the process, I racked up a long list of movies that I didn’t log and that I don’t have much (or even anything) to say about.

I’ve been carrying that list forward since mid-March and when I sit down to write here, I see it and feel the same awful stomach feeling I feel when I look at a stack of ungraded essays and know I need to get to them but know too that I’m not going to get started yet. Needless to say this is not a good thing.

So to get out from under the list, I’m going to dump the titles here. I’ll have them for later when I want to see what I was watching. And if I’m ever inspired and I write some of them up, I’ll link forward from here.

The list:

I also watched the second season of Daredevil, the fourth season of Justified, the second of Survivor‘s “Blood vs. Water” themes, and finished the third season of The House of Cards. Which is a lot.

I think I was desperate for image and sound and just needed to get lost for a bit. And so went whole hog.

[Reading my links I realize that I continued or finished two series that in previous posts I didn’t seem to like. At all. Clearly I was curious enough to get over it or they weren’t as bad as they seemed when I was writing then.]

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