Jun 272018

Our place is in the heart of the Old City, and it’s a great first landing spot: well situated with a rooftop terrace for having coffee and pastry as you’re waking up. (There’re lots of coffee places in every direction and a bakery half a block down from the front door.)



Our first shadow selfie

It thunders and lightnings all night here, but by mid-morning the skies are blue and clear.

We walked around today getting oriented and had lunch in a local restaurant where we ordered bottled water and again got juice and tap water! We didn’t drink much of it. (Sigh.)


Later we toured the church of Santa Rosa and a small museum.



The day ended with a huge storm. We dashed out when the rain stopped for a half hour to get tamales from a local shop.

pollo con mole, con salsa verde y “rib”

The streets were full of water. Back at the apt, we ate and began to read. Then lightening hit something nearby and knocked the power out. (It’s back on this morning.) Looks like weather will be like this for a few more days.

Ducking into apartment before the rain starts. Only just made it!

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