Jul 052018

Started the day with a solid breakfast at the Plaza San Fernando because we were heading to the countryside and weren’t sure we’d find a restaurant until we got back. On the way out of town, we made a quick tour of a museum that opened up only three months ago in a house built by the Count of Valenciana. The highlight were the engravings but photos weren’t allowed.

From there we caught a city bus to Valenciana, the location of one of the principal silver mines in Spanish Mexico. We toured the local church, which was very wealthy & is famous for its triple retablos done in over-the-top baroque style. Then we toured the first bits of a mine shaft.

I’m not sure why we actually went down the mine shaft. It was hot and I’ve gone claustrophobic the couple times I’ve gone into caves underground. But we did, and when we got to the bottom, the electricity cut out and we were in total darkness until they came back on. It was only for a few seconds, but it was enough to make me “eager” to get topside.

(Posting these pictures now, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to this…)

As we waited for the bus, I watched some dogs on roofs looking for people to bark at. Back in town we sat in the Plaza Fernando over beer and watched people.


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