I started this blog to keep track of what books I read or what I saw at the cinema or on tv. Sometimes I’ve treated it like a clippings file. But it has become more than these things over time.

Now I’d say it’s an informal conversation, mostly with myself.

It’s always in progress. Things change.



If you want a sense of who I am, probably the place to start is this post from last year.

In addition to the blog proper, I have a series of pages where I think about what blogging is good for. Most of the ideas point back to my commonplace book.

I’ve also tried to keep some notes about how this site has developed over the years. A notable sequence has to do with my troubled relationship with commenting.

For the moment, these links point only to the earliest pages and miss a lot. If I can find the time, I aim to sort that out this summer.

This site has mascots.