Ordinary Human Language

by Brian Crane

For now this page offers a listing of posts on Tinderbox organized into rough subtopics. When I get around to it, I’d like to put better order into things, but at least these posts are up and reachable.

Reposting Course Planning Videos

Tinderbox Export Series

Figuring Out Tinderbox Export

Tinderbox Is Not a Car Dealer

Templates Are Like Mad Libs

Outputs, or Some Thoughts on Export

Exporting a Form Letter

Write a Sample Letter

Make the Sample a Template

Assign the Template & Preview the Export

Format the Output

Exporting a Letter--Single Page Instructions

Exporting a Bibliograhic Entry

Exporting a Book Note

Exporting a Note to a Spreadsheet

Compiling a Container of Notes

Some Thoughts on HTML Export

Challenges Exporting in Tinderbox

A Grading Rubic Experiment

Exporting Comment Sheets

Rubric: Calculating Grades

Rubric: Prototypes & Agents

Grading with Tinderbox

“Oops!" with Agents

Web Dialogue: A Sample

Exporting • Faulkner

Faulkner Hypertext Online: First Impressions

Tinderbox Export: First Reaction

Tinderbox Export: Later that night

Honest Links

Faulkner Hypertext

Short How-to Series

Setting Attributes with On-add Actions

Creating and Setting Key Attributes

Formatting Shallow Outlines

Creating and Organizing Prototypes

Tinderbox Videos

Windows to Tabs

Tinderbox: How to Make In-text Links

Front-of-the-manual Tools

Notes on Hypertext

Arguing, Plotting and Making Hypertext

Making Hypertext

My New Course Map

HTML: Handwriting or Book Printing?

Attributes, Agents and Links

Course Planning in "Wiki View"

Course Wiki & Course Plan Revisions

Agents; or, There Is No Spoon

Course Planning: Boxes and Links

My Course Planning Template

Course Planning with Tinderbox: My New Approach

Classroom Wiki: Revisited

Reading. Links.

Order, Sequence and Hypertext

A Classroom Wiki Project

On Hypertext Narrative

Course Planning with Tinderbox: Looking Back

Blog v. Web Site

Course Planning with Tinderbox: First Thoughts