Aug 072016


In a reconstruction of a 12th century Moorish home, a couple of turtles wandered freely in a central courtyard. There was shade, a fountain. Plants grew thickly in the corners.

But one of the turtles had set her eyes on the horizon, and she was going to get there, geometry be damned.

I could watch this video over and over and over.

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Aug 062016


During our time in Spain, the swifts were always there, calling out from above in chorus.

High up, the flocks loop broadly in a deep sea of air. But nearer the ground they swirl and dive, surging here, dashing there, quick and agile.

Late in the evenings, bats screech and flutter beneath them.

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Aug 052016


The afternoon heat in Andalusia crushes rather than burns. There’s no air, not enough shade, and if you go out, it’s easy to wander around stunned and dazed and bad off.

Water, as this bird knows, offers relief, and fountains have never looked so beautiful.

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Jul 052016

I’m away on vacation for a few more weeks. More posts when I’m back.

Until then, here’s a portion of a mural in a monastery in Santiponce, Spain.

Monastery Fresco