Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Capt America Winter SoldierSo many people raved about this film to me that I was actually looking forward to it, and it was okay. But just okay.

I am caught off guard though by Chris Evans’s mascara and rose-colored lip pigment. They were exaggerated and unsettling when set against the tough-guy masculinity otherwise on display. Was this effect intentional or just a case of make-up badly calibrated for HD?




This film managed to hit both of my biggest sci-fi movie peeves:

  1. the hero “saves” the world by destroying everything and killing everyone; and
  2. the final scenes proceed as if the fundamental rule of the narrative (established in the opening scenes) doesn’t exist. From that first scene, the cold outside will freeze your body solid in seven minutes…but then, in the final scene, characters walk out into the snow without gloves or hats and with coats hanging open and they’re fine. Start the inspirational closing theme. (I really hate that kind of stuff.)

So ultimately, I’m not sure what to make of the North American hype around this film. I’m sure people have arguments about style and construction and etc. But I’m guessing that at root it’s about the fascination of big names working for a South Korean filmmaker on an arty Matrix-style, life-as-a-box sci-fi dystopia.