Apr 062016

It’s spring. The snow is melting away. The sky is clear. The air is warmer. Posting is slow, but last weekend, I started turning my garden and cleaned out the lilac hedge. The wild roses need to be moved soon or I’ll have to wait until next year.

The snow geese have started flying over too, wave after wave of them, picking their way together to wherever it is they are going. Some of them spent Sunday night in the corn fields out back.


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Jul 282015

A Duck on the Richelieu

Some friends who live in the heart of downtown Montreal went away on vacation and asked the Beav and me to take care of their cats. So we spent the time in their condo having a vacation in Montreal.

It was a nice break and their condo couldn’t be nicer or better situated. We watched and listened to the festival shows from the front room. Museums, cinemas and restaurants were a short walk away. It was the best.

But after two weeks, it’s good to be home.