Dec 062018

So this movie came out and was a bit of a thing and so I watched it (over three or four days, because…sigh) and it got better, bit by bit, and by the end, I thought, “this is pretty okay” and I was moved even and inspired and put a picture of the Beav as my phone’s wallpaper (because, love) which turned out to be a revelation.

Because it was weird to have my phone light up as it was sitting on my desk, and suddenly, there’s the Beav—“Hi Beav!”—with a notification across his face. And then I thought, is this what the teenagers in love today do, put a pic on their phone?, or is this just a movie thing? Because it’s weird.

So I changed my wallpaper to a photo of sunrise on the river in fog and experienced the peculiar pleasure of being age appropriate.