Jun 112016

How I Live NowI don’t know the book but I’d heard good things about this movie. So I was surprised how thin I found it.

The fact I can’t decide if I care about the two lead characters is part of the problem. The brother (played by Tom Holland) who dies? The youngest sister who is constantly tagging along? These I care about. But the main two? I just don’t know.

Apr 022013


First the negative things so that they are out of the way:

1. The movie is annoyingly sentimental. To be expected, but still…

2. It only spares sympathy for the poor white tourists unlucky enough to be caught in this horrible disaster in this horrible place, but lucky enough, thankfully, that a Swiss insurance agent arrives to whisk them to safety on an otherwise empty private jet.

3. Ultimately this is a movie about sad unhappy kids, a pet-peeve of mine.

That all said…I was deeply moved by what I saw. The movie is well made and well acted, and the disaster is so overwhelmingly destructive that watching is a bit like being crushed. I was wrung out and spent by the end.