Blue Jasmine

The Beav hated this movie, and I get it. There is darkness here. And yet, I really liked it.

Like To Rome with Love, this movie has more going on than appears on its surface: in this case, a running allusion and update of A Streetcar Named Desire by way of Cate Blanchett’s recent turn as Blanche on Broadway. There is also the final revelation that remakes what had come before in interesting ways.

Is it high art? No. Is it among the best movies I’ve seen this year? No. But Blanchett is incredible as Jasmine and the script is generally strong. So I enjoyed it.

To Rome with Love

So I haven’t seen a Woody Allen film since Matchpoint, which I liked quite a bit. This one is fine. I liked the odd mix of artificiality and naturalism and that the stakes were low. This was a movie being a Woody Allen movie but also, surprisingly, offering a meditation on the phenomena of celebrity and reality TV. An easy hour and a half.

(This was also the first movie I’ve seen since being in Rome that “starred” the city. It was exciting to identify locations.)