2020 Course Plan Pt II

This is a continuation of the series of videos begun here.

The videos below are cut from a recording of me creating a framework for writing quick feedback for small assignments and then creating an export template to let me share these comments with students. (Context here.) My work time was about an hour and a half. I’ve cut that down to two twenty minute videos. 

Feedback: Creating the System and Exporting the Results

These two videos were made as a single piece but it was too long and not everyone will be interested in everything. So to help people zero in on the parts that might interest them, their contents break down as follows.

The first video shows me:

– figuring out the attributes I’ll need

– creating and populating them as dropdown menus

– organizing them into a prototype that creates a form for writing quick feedback

Because of the choices I’m making, this video is more directly tied to “teacher stuff.” As it finishes, I have a working feedback system that I could use to keep my own notes about student work.

The second video shows me:

– creating and revising an export template 

– creating and populating a tricky attribute list (because thinking about end product, I realized I needed something I hadn’t thought of earlier)

– troubleshooting a stamp that doesn’t do what I expected it to do. Twice.

Because this second video focuses on export and troubleshooting, it’s less attached to teaching.

Important note: This video starts in media res with me thinking how to get started on the export template I realized I needed at the end of the first video.