First Step: Writing Sample Output

Writing the letter is easy. All I have to do is create a note, name it, and then write the text. This is so obvious, why do I even list these steps here?

Because it’s easy to skip them. But making a template without a finished, written example of the desired output you want is hard. So I’m belabouring this point because it’s important. Write an example of your letter.

Here’s my finished letter to Michael Ondaatje.

A letter that’s sure to make an impression.

If this is the only letter I need, the easy export is copy-paste or “print.” Both options work great.

But let’s imagine that this wasn’t a lame fan letter used as an example in an exercise, that in fact, it is something I’d likely need to write often and to quite a few people. In that case, it’d be worth converting my letter to an export template.